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Higglytown Heroes Theme Song And Lyrics

The cheerful Higglytown Heroes theme song, performed by the talented band They Might Be Giants, instantly brings a smile to the faces of children and parents alike. The catchy tune, featured on the album “Here Come the ABCs,” sets the playful and imaginative tone for the beloved children’s TV series.

First airing on September 13, 2004, Higglytown Heroes captured the hearts of young viewers with its delightful stories and colorful animation. The theme song, titled “Here in Higglytown,” became an instant hit, capturing the imagination of children as they joined the Higglytown Heroes on their exciting adventures.

They Might Be Giants’ lively performance of the theme song perfectly matches the show’s vibrant energy. Their unique musical style, combined with playful lyrics, engages young audiences and encourages their creativity.

As the series aired on Playhouse Disney and Disney Channel, the Higglytown Heroes theme song became a cherished part of many children’s TV-watching experience. Its joyful melodies and positive message resonate with the show’s values of friendship, teamwork, and helping others.

Composer John Campbell’s delightful composition further enhances the theme song, creating an enchanting atmosphere for viewers. The song’s popularity continued throughout the show’s three-season run, totaling 65 episodes.

Though the final episode aired on January 7, 2008, the Higglytown Heroes theme song remains an enduring favorite in the hearts of children, reminding them that they too can be heroes in their own way.

Song Lyrics

Here in Higglytown
Things all jump around
Just like the Higglytown heroes
Our heroes
They all work together
Making fun together
Come see the Higglytown heroes

Eubie Wayne Twinkle Kip and Fran
All hop and pop around
Soon they’ll learn about real heroes
Who and why and how

Here in Higglytown
We’ll all jump around
And meet the Higglytown heroes
Our heroes
We’ll all work together
Having fun together
With all the Higglytown heroes
Let’s all play together
Save the day together
Come join the Higglytown heroes

Higglytown Heroes Theme

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