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Hardcastle and McCormick Theme Song And Lyrics

The theme songs of “Hardcastle and McCormick,” titled “Back to Back” and “Drive,” are memorable tunes that capture the essence of this action-packed 1980s TV series. The show premiered on October 16, 1983, in the UK and aired on the ABC network. Produced by Stephen J. Cannell Productions, “Hardcastle and McCormick” followed the adventures of a retired judge, Milton C. Hardcastle, and his race car driver-turned-convicted thief, Mark McCormick, as they formed an unlikely crime-fighting duo.

The theme songs, composed by Mike Post and Stephen Geyer and sung by David Morgan, perfectly complemented the show’s high-octane energy and thrilling storylines. With their catchy melodies and energetic performances, the songs set the tone for each episode, reflecting the show’s fast-paced action and dynamic characters.

Running for three seasons and a total of 67 episodes, “Hardcastle and McCormick” captivated audiences with its unique blend of crime, drama, and occasional humor. The chemistry between the lead characters, portrayed by Brian Keith and Daniel Hugh Kelly, further contributed to the show’s appeal.

While the series concluded on May 5, 1986, the theme songs of “Hardcastle and McCormick” remain beloved by fans, serving as a reminder of the show’s exciting adventures and the bond formed by its two charismatic protagonists. The songs continue to evoke nostalgia for viewers who were captivated by the thrilling escapades of Hardcastle and McCormick.

Song Lyrics

Push it to the floor till the engine screams
Drivin like the demon that drives your beat

You’re on a hard road nobody cares
If you hit the breaks
You gotta think fast keep it in gear
One slip is all it takes
You gotta keep your wheels on the straight and narrow
If you wanna survive

Push it to the floor till the engine screams
Drivin like the demon that drives the beat

Hardcastle and McCormick Opening Credits

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