Game Shakers Theme Song And Lyrics
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Game Shakers Theme Song And Lyrics

Game Shakers is a US comedy TV series first aired in 2015.

The show follows Kenzie and Babe, two seventh graders who together create video game for a school project.

The theme song to Game Shakers is called “Drop Dat What”
by Kel Mitchell.

Game Shakers Lyrics

Now let me see the club go off
When I step on the mic
Game Shakers in the spot
And it’s poppin tonight
You know the whole squad filthy yeah we papered up
So when you hear that beat bang
You better drop dat what
Drop dat
Let the bass get low
Drop dat
And make the whole club go
Drop dat
Cause I can’t get enough
When you drop dat
But you better pick it up

Drop Dat

Game Shakers Video

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