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Cory In The House Theme Song And Lyrics

The Cory In The House theme song, aptly titled “Cory in the House,” is a fun and energetic tune that perfectly captures the spirit of this Disney Channel sitcom. Performed by Kyle Massey, who also stars as the lead character, the theme song sets the stage for the comedic adventures of Cory Baxter.

Following the success of That’s So Raven, Cory In The House premiered on 12th January 2007, continuing the story of Raven Baxter’s younger brother. Created by Dennis Rinsler and Marc Warren, the show aired on the Disney Channel and delighted audiences with its lighthearted humor and relatable characters.

The theme song’s composition, crafted by Matthew Gerrard, contributes to its catchy and upbeat nature. The song’s playful lyrics and lively melody become an anthem of Cory’s misadventures in the White House, where his father works as the chef.

Running for two seasons and a total of 34 episodes, Cory In The House entertained fans with its humorous storylines and endearing characters. The theme song, along with its accompanying visuals, became an integral part of the show’s identity, reminding viewers of the laughs and memorable moments shared with Cory and his friends.

Though the final episode aired on 12th September 2008, the Cory In The House theme song continues to evoke nostalgia, bringing back fond memories of the beloved Disney Channel series. Its infectious energy reflects the show’s light-hearted nature and leaves a lasting impression on fans young and old.

Song Lyrics

Yeah What’s up
Go Cory Go go
Go Cory Go go go go
Listen up
Here we go

I’m the new kid moving in
Getting it done
And I’m officially the candidate
For having some fun
You know

You better calm down Cory
yea yea

I’m talking bout an all out party
And we’re getting it started
Mr President you mind some electric guitar

Washington DC will never be the same
Cause we’ve got

Cory Cory Cory
In the House yeah It’s a party every week baby

Cory cory cory
Check it out That’s right I’m in the House

He’s gonna shake it up and change it Shake it up
Take it all and rearrange it Just a little bit
Got a new plan hey Uncle Sam Look out now
We’ve got Cory in the House Party
Cory in the House I’m your man

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