Corner Gas Theme Song And Lyrics
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Corner Gas Theme Song And Lyrics

The theme song of the TV show Corner Gas is titled “Not a Lot Goin’ On” and was composed by Craig Northey and Jesse Valenzuela. The show also had an ending theme called “My Happy Place,” performed by Odds.

The series first premiered on 22nd January 2004 and was created by a team of talented individuals, including Brent Butt, Virginia Thompson, David Storey, and Mark Farrell. “Corner Gas” is a comedy show that centers around the quirky and humorous happenings in the fictional town of Dog River, where not much exciting stuff seems to occur.

The show had a successful run of six seasons, comprising a total of 107 episodes. Throughout its time on air, “Corner Gas” entertained viewers with its wit and hilarious characters.

The final episode of “Corner Gas” aired on 13th April 2009, concluding the adventures of the beloved characters in Dog River.

With its catchy theme song and comedic storytelling, “Corner Gas” became a beloved comedy series that left a lasting impression on audiences who enjoyed the laughs and quirky charm of life in a small town.

Corner Gas Theme Song Lyrics

You can watch your dog run away
And out here it can take 3 days
I’ve heard every joke
I’ve heard everything you say

You think there’s not a lot goin on
But look closer baby you’re so wrong
And that’s why you can stay so long
When there’s not a lot goin on

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