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Care Bears Theme Song And Lyrics

Care Bears is a huge TV and cinema brand and has seen the release of many TV series and Films. The TV show was released in 1985 and saw three very popular movies through the early 1980’s complete the group.

There is more than one theme song and sound track for the series, which saw at least five LP albums released. The majority of the Care Bears Music was created and performed by Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan. The soundtrack album from The Care Bears Movie featured songs by Carole King and John Sebastian.

Care Bears Lyrics

Care Bears Countdown 4 3 2 1
Who’s that comin from somewhere up in the sky
Moving fast and bright as a firefly

Just when you think the trouble’s gonna pounce
Who’s gonna be there when it really counts
Do the Care Bear Countdown
And send a wish out through the air
Just do the Care Bear Countdown

When you need them they’ll be there
Don’t be afraid when clouds are brewin in your heart
If you can dream just send a wish out in the dark
And do the Care Bear’s Countdown
5 4 3 2 1

Care Bears – Care Bears Countdown – Classic Care Bears Theme Tune

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