Bobinogs Theme Song
Animation Series Television

Bobinogs Theme Song And Lyrics

Number of Episodes: 98

Number of Series: 2

County: United Kingdom

Language: English

First episode date: 6 March 2003

Final episode date: 24 November 2016

Bobinogs Lyrics

We’re the Bob Bob Bobinogs yes
The Bob Bob Bobinogs we’re good best friends we’re in a band too
And threw our bobinoculars so we can see you

Cause we need your help when things go wrong
When we find some monsters we’ll sing you a song
I am Nib and i’m the singer Bob Bob Bobbily Bob Bob Bob

I am Bobin the keyboard player
And I am ogi and im the drummer
I’m the scratcher oh yeah

We’re the Bob Bob Bobinogs
And the bobinogs bubbles Bob Bob Bob on the Bob
Bob Bobinog bubble at oh yeah the Bobinogs

Bobinogs theme

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