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Berenstain Bears Theme Song And Lyrics

The Berenstain Bears theme song was composed by Ray Parker and Tom Szczesniak. The show is based on the beloved book series “Berenstain Bears” and first premiered on January 6, 2003. The last episode aired on September 10, 2004, and in total, there were 40 episodes spread across 3 seasons.

The theme song sets the happy and cheerful tone for the show, introducing the lovable Bear family: Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Brother Bear, and Sister Bear. It’s a warm and friendly song that welcomes the viewers into the world of the Berenstain Bears, where they learn valuable life lessons and have fun adventures.

Over the years, the Berenstain Bears theme song has become iconic among both children and adults, as it brings back nostalgic memories for those who grew up watching the show or reading the books. It’s a timeless melody that continues to be cherished by new generations, keeping the spirit of the Berenstain Bears alive for years to come.

Berenstain Bears Theme Song Lyrics

Somewhere deep in bear country
Lives the Berenstain Bear family
They’re kind of furry around the torso
They’re a lot like people only more so

The bear fact is that
They’re just like you and me
The only difference
Is they live in a tree

The Berenstain Bears

When things go wrong as things might do
The Berenstain Bears will find a way through
Momma Papa Sister and Brother
Will always be there for each other

The bear fact is that
They can be sweet as honey
Sometimes you’ll find
They might be just plain funny

The Berenstain Bears
The Berenstain Bears

Theme Video 2003

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