We Bare Bears Theme Song
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We Bare Bears Theme Song

We Bare Bears is an animated TV series featuring three bear brothers, Grizzly Panda and Ice Bear.

The US TV series follows the fictional day to day integration of Grizz, Pan Pan and ICE B to the human world.

The theme song to We Bare Bears is called ‘We’ll Be There’ by UK rapper Estelle.

We Bare Bears Theme Lyrics

Da, Da, Da Ba Da
Da, Da, Ba Da Ba Da Ba
Let’s Go

We’ll be there
A wink and a smile and a great, old time
Yeah, we’ll be there

Wherever we are
There’s some fun to be found

We’ll be there when you turn that corner
We’ll jump out the bush
With a big bear hug and a smile
We’ll be there

We Bare Bears Theme Song lyrics And Video

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